First responders from across the country are finding huge benefits of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs -Drones) to provide increased safety to the public and their officers. UAVs can provide real time video feeds to officers as they are actively engaged with suspects or local residents.

The relatively low cost of UAVs provides air support to police departments who cannot afford helicopters and who would not otherwise have eyes-in-the-sky.


  • Infrared night vision to find people or objects they couldn’t otherwise see.

  • Assist in high-speed chases, similar to helicopters.

  • Provide support in hostage situations, 911 calls, serving warrants, etc.

  • Cover large areas of land to assist with missing persons cases.

  • Allow firefighters to view roofs without putting people in danger.


There is a myriad of factors that need to be resolved when establishing a UAV program and that’s how we can help. Together we can develop a written plan that is unique to your department and its specific needs.

To establish a successful drone program a written plan must be created. The plan should take into account all of the laws that govern drone use. So pilots can understand where they can fly the drones and when. Additional considerations include, who will maintain the drone? What type of insurance do you need? What if the drone is destroyed in a crash? What if the drone crashes and injuries someone walking down the sidewalk? Where will police officers be trained to fly? What continuing education do they need? As you can see there's a lot of little considerations that need to be addressed and this is how we can help.


We can guide your Department through the process of establishing a successful UAV program. Having a system in place will increase efficiency, effectiveness, and reduce errors and liability.

Once your police department’s specific needs and goals have been thoroughly reviewed we can begin the process of creating an Operations Manual. This Manual will put into writing the best practices and procedures that all will follow through the implementation of this program. We will coach you through all the aspects of setting up the program.

We understand that you have many questions and we are here to help. Contact the Dunaway Law Group at 480-389-6529 or email at office@dunawaylg.com.

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