Drones have opened a whole new world to contractors. Previously, to reap the benefits of air support a contractor had to pay for the helicopter, the pilot, and videographer. However, UAVs allow contractors to with an economical way to assist with their projects from beginning to end.


UAVs help contractors in every aspect of the construction project--from estimating to delivering the finished product. Getting aerial images required most contractors to hire an aerial photo company to take shots of a finished project. Drones allow contractors to take pictures of projects that are both finished and in progress. Contractors can also take pictures of projects they are submitting proposals for to show a different perspective for their client.


All successful construction projects begin with a quality estimate. Contractors look for different solutions on projects that can help them be competitive. Estimators overlook these advantages when they have limited perspectives. The use of drones can give estimators a different look at a project. They increase the odds of bidding more accurately and more competitively. Previewing the project from an aerial perspective may open up new insights. The new knowledge can generate new ideas of how to manage a project right from the outset.


Analyze how teams move on the field. Contractors can use drones to be more efficient. They are able to focus their resources and manpower on any parts of the job that may be lagging. Roofing contractors can see how their projects are set up and how their teams run during projects. General contractors can analyze how their resources are moving on the entire construction site.


Often contractors cannot inspect the work that has been performed without putting employees in danger. For instance, without a UAV, inspecting a roof or block wall required someone going into harm’s way. Additionally, such an inspection may require extensive setup. UAVs allow contractors to access these areas effectively to get the answers they need.


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